STREAM 2: Moving Care Closer to Home


Welcome from the Chair



Progress on Health Regions

Health Regions are due to be operational by February 2024. We’ll hear about the change programme, progress on the new regional structures, service redesign, how the new structures will impact staff, patients and local communities

Muiris O'Connor

Muiris O'Connor

Assistant Secretary, Department of Health

Leo Kearns

Leo Kearns

Medical Council & Chair of Regional Health Areas Advisory Group



Taking action to achieve the vision of moving care closer to home

  • The structural, political, financial and cultural barriers that have prevented moving care closer to home
  • What is needed to realise the vision at a time when the healthcare system is under severe pressure
  • Are Health Regions and integrated care systems on track?
  • What needs to be done to ensure integrated care works for people and populations
  • Realising the potential of pharmacy and designing services to meet future needs: How community pharmacy can contribute to key goals around population health, prevention and increasing demand for primary care
    Dr. John Cuddihy

    Dr. John Cuddihy

    National Director of Public Health, HSE

    Kathy Maher

    Kathy Maher

    Pharmacist and past president of the Irish Pharmacy Union



    The power and benefits of collaboration with patients



      What will it take to bring improvement from the margins to the mainstream?

      The HSE is facing an unprecedented range of workforce, financial and performance pressures. Leaders locally and nationally need a strategic approach capable of maximising the impact and spread of the many promising HSE-led innovations, service improvements and new technologies. What does this really take to bring these innovations from the margins to the mainstream? Our panel explores different perspectives on how to tackle the challenge of prioritising improvement in a system under pressure.

      Caitriona Heffernan

      Caitriona Heffernan

      HSE Innovation Lead for the Spark Innovation Programme and the Innovation Programme Lead at Ireland South Women and Infant’s Directorate


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