STREAM 3 – Innovation on the frontline


Welcome back from the Chair

We introduce a range of innovations, best practices and technologies that are evidence based and have the potential to be scaled throughout the health service. We’ll have a panel of experts who will give their views on each innovation:

Ivan Yates

Ivan Yates

Entrepreneur and Broadcaster

Andy Bleaden

Andy Bleaden

Community Director, ECH Alliance

Lorraine Smyth

Lorraine Smyth

Communications & Innovations Lead, Office of the Director of Digital Academy & Digital Transformation, HSE

First up, we’ll hear from some clinical entrepreneurs working on the frontline:


My CheckMate: The Fluid Heart Tracker app

Weight is one way to identify if heart failure is getting worse or if changes to medication are required to control extra fluid. A mobile app which has been developed in collaboration between the Irish Heart Foundation, Team OSVX, and PerCen Technologies, is a self-care tool that removes the need for written weight logs

Norma Caples

Norma Caples

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Heart Failure


Rapid access online backcare programme

Rapid-Access Online Back Care (ABC) Programme was created by Aoife Collins. Her award winning, evidence-based group programme is delivered via an integrated software platform by Salaso Health Solutions. Moving from a traditional-care model to an innovative digital-care model, this easy-to-use, GDPR-compliant software will provide a patient portal and smartphone application, linked with a platform for the physiotherapist who will devise and manage the programme.

Aoife Collins

Aoife Collins

Physiotherapist, South Lee Primary Care, Cork


HaPPE Earth: An Irish solution to the global plastics problem

A compostable medical waste solution 

Mary O’Riordan

Mary O’Riordan

Co-founder, HaPPE Earth


Feedback from and discussion with our panel of experts


Designing health for an ageing population

It’s changed my life! Stories on digital home care and new models of care at home


Shifting the dial on mental health


Speaker tbc


Feedback from and discussion with our panel of experts


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